Wireless Meshing

Deploy a wireless network quickly and easily just by installing wireless nodes in your cafè, apartments complex, large building or just about anywhere with no costly cabling.

Accept Credit Cards

Start collecting revenue from your existing wireless network users with credit card payments and vouchers. We support PayPal and DPS|Payments Express.

Cost Friendly

Other cloud-managed network solutions can have complex and expensive licensing schemes. We make everything easy by offering two simple licensing models. Find out more.


Purchase your devices and install them at your location.
Plug them in and you're nearly ready to go.


Easily configure your network details and set prices
for network access using the WiFi Mesh Dashboard.


Start collecting Credit Card payments or vouchers on
your network and start making money from your network.

What's new?

Quite a lot actually.

Support for Credit Card & Bank Payments, Automatic Spectrum Management, Presence Analytics, design overhaul and a whole lot more.

All this means you have more powerful network analytics, a more reliable network and the potential to collect payments for Wi-Fi online quickly and easily.

Nodes automatically find the best route to your internet gateway without needing to be manually configured. Meshing means no need to install costly network cabling. Just plug nodes in and you’re ready to go! WiFi Mesh Firmware uses the internationally-recognised IEEE 802.11s mesh networking protocol.

With built-in authentication, accounting and payment support it’s painless to start making money from your network. Use our built-in system which has streamlined support for PayPal, DPS|Payments Express and custom vouchers or link in to your existing internal payment gateway.

Track nearby client devices by location, device type or manufacturer. It’s up to you. Get all new insights into people that are moving around, and connected to, your network. With nearby device analysis you’ll be able to target advertising to more accurately.

Nodes automatically select the least used channels and optimise their transmit power so that your network gets the optimal performance.
Note: This functionality is not currently present. Coming Early 2014.

Should you start accepting payments or make your network free to access? What about for a limited time? Want to collect users mobile phone numbers? You can do all of that and a whole lot more in less than 60 seconds, you have the power to make changes anytime you like with the WiFi Mesh Dashboard.

Like what you see? Why not give WiFi Mesh a try.